Breakfast for Two: open

Amelia turned the wheel of her red 1967 GT500 Ford Mustang Shelby and it rounded in through the gates of Woodbay Academy. It seemed awfully quiet on campus, not many people about. That was the exact reason she had gotten out last night. The boredom was driving her mad and she had decided that she had to do something. The thing she had settled on was going into the city for the night again. And it had proved the perfect cure for her boredom. She had spent the night dancing and talking and making new acquaintances at a club that Sayuri had suggested. A smile formed on her lips as she thought about the night before and how she was only just getting back now. This meant she was still in the dress she had gone out in but luckily she had put her boots in the car, so she didn’t have to wear her heels. She was glad of that and also that from her face she didn’t really look like she’d been out all night. Her simple black eyeliner and mascara were still intact and her hair fell effortlessly as always. 
As she pulled into the car park she suddenly wished she had stopped at the dinner in town for breakfast. Maybe she would go back there in a bit, after she’d changed. Getting out of her car she grabbed her bag before shutting the door and leaning against it. Could she really wait that long for food, or should she just go to the dinner straight away? She became aware of someone walking towards her and she looked up to see who it was.